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Benefits Of SharePoint Document Management

Sorting digital documents all over your PC can create a huge mess if we don’t have a tool like Sharepoint Document Management. Even though the digital innovations have taken us out from the manual hassles of documentation, the efforts have now switched to e-paper chaos. But, thanks to technology for saving us from dawning and […]

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Why Executive Management Should Worry About Information Security?

In the age of digitization, information security has become a major concern for a number of companies, it has become a central concern for leaders of organizations. Worldwide, organization these days are taking major steps to secure their data. But why? Have anyone thought about it. The answer is certainly, no! As companies are making […]

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How To Build A Profitable Blog?

Trying to turn your passion for writing into a lucrative venture?  This article will guide you through the process of building a profitable blog step by step. To start, you need to be persistent. Over 90% fail in blogging due to the lack of persistence. Either they quit or they stop putting enough work into […]

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How to Secure Web APIs?

API is a well-structured web technology that helps applications communicate. It creates a channel between applications for sharing data and functionalities. APIs render database’s access to clients. And through this access, the developers both legitimate and hackers, are able to get into the system and retrieve information and data stored in it.

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Strategies for Securing Non-Public Customer Data

Whether you are a small organization or a large enterprise you certainly cannot risk compromising on the security of your customers’ non-public data. Not if you want to avoid bad publicity and loss of reputation which may directly impact your business’ performance.

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How to Implement Database Security?

Implementing Database Security The time has come when data security is one of the most challenging jobs for organizations. A database is a systematic arrangement of data where the data is organized. A database usually holds the foundation of an association; its logs, clients, staff and financial information for both organization and its clients. All important […]

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PMI Wire Features Success Story from Viftech Solutions

PMI Wire is a quarterly magazine issued by PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter. The magazine aims to highlight seminars, trainings and mentoring sessions conducted by PMI Karachi. The publication also shares upcoming opportunities for Project Management professionals and stories of successful projects.

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Google now Allows TV Ad Buying via its DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google Bid Manager will now allow advertisers to manage television ads alongside digital. In an effort to level up its game in the market, Google now integrates television and digital media ad buying in Google DoubleClick Bid Manager. Previously, the Bid Manager allowed advertisers to run and track their online campaigns, but with this new […]

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Why UX Matters To Develop a Successful Mobile App? Ultimate Guide

Everybody nowadays is hopping on the versatile application advancement bandwagon keeping in mind the end goal to bring in is great business returns, and this is the motivation behind why we have umpteen numbers of applications present out there on the app stores. Diving into mobile app development, one can obviously break down the way […]

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The Trend Of Android App Development In 2016

There are gazillions of applications available for the users today and by the end of this year, application downloads are expected to reach to thousands more. In today’s rapidly changing world people have become psychologically obsessed with the trending technology and are getting used to the ease it provides with just a few clicks. The […]

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