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Top SharePoint Online Consulting Companies Near Me

Microsoft SharePoint, also known as Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, is a business collaboration platform launched in 2001, consisting of software products and elements that includes, among a selection of components, collaboration functions, based on web browser, process management modules, search modules and a document management platform (document management). The evolution of SharePoint is attributed […]

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Top Reasons for Microsoft SharePoint’s Popularity Raising

As an organization expands so does the number of their documents hence it soon becomes unmanageable to monitor the proliferating files and their placement. SharePoint overcomes this problem by permitting you to store and find your records in a central site, accessible to everyone.

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10 Key Business Benefits Of using Microsoft SharePoint application development

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the top business collaboration resources today. Over the time, SharePoint has gained significant recognition for its ability to build a sound collaborative system among some of the most prominent organizations. Not only does it simplifies business processes, enhance productivity, accelerate growth but also provides a secure internal information sharing platform. […]

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7 things you should look for SharePoint Security Audits

Nowadays tools like SharePoint and Office 365 allows the user to create their own sites and content repositories almost everyone carries a tablet or smartphone at work. These tools make it easy for end users to poke holes in an organization’s well thought out security policies without too much effort. In this article, we will […]

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Copying SharePoint Files from One Document Library to Another

Copying Files from One Document Library to Another with Explorer View This article discusses how to use the Open with Explorer command in SharePoint Online to view, copy, and move files in a library. From time to time, you might need to copy or move one or more documents in a library to another library. […]

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SharePoint Backup Best Practice

A backup is a copy of data that is used to restore and recover that data after a system failure. While backups allow you to restore data after a failure they are also useful to keep for routine purposes. These purposes include copying a database from one server to another, setting up database mirroring, and […]

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