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Introduction to Dashboards for Power BI Designers

Power BI is known to be a business analytics service which delivers insights to support informed, quick decisions. Apart from that, business enterprises are using Power BI to transform their huge data volumes into comprehensive and attractive visuals that are easy-to-share among stakeholders and accessible through multiple devices. The core objective to choose Power BI […]

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How Can BI Benefit a Small Business?

Today, business organizations that deliberately choose to ignore the power of Business Intelligence are not far from being taken over by the advanced businesses that are adaptive to the BI technology. The truth of the day is that a business cannot be successful in recent times without embracing the latest technologies and changes. Unfortunately, small […]

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How to Use Modeling View in Power BI Desktop

The new modeling view in Power BI desktop enables you to break out complex models into separate diagrams and set common properties in one go. In the properties pane, you can view and modify properties and set display folders for simplification of complex models. This blog is a short guide to learn how to use […]

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