Best Content Migration Tools for SharePoint

maaz uddin

Published on 29 May.

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    It is only a matter of time until a decision is made to migrate from an older version of SharePoint to the latest version of SharePoint, or even from a different enterprise content management (EMC) to the newest version of SharePoint.
    Below we have mentioned some of the best SharePoint migration tools that will help SharePoint Administrators to migrate or consolidate content in the best possible way. Let’s have a look.

    1. AvePoint

    Ave point migrates and quickly consolidate enterprise content from legacy systems or previous Microsoft SharePoint versions into Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.
    Minimalize the time and effort needed to migrate enterprise-wide content to SharePoint by using DocAve’s. DocAve from AvePoint is one of the most recognized products. It offers modules to migrate 14 legacy systems to SharePoint 2010, 2013 and the online version. It also comes with DocAve Migrators and DocAve Content Manager allowing users to restructure content on the fly.
    DocAve offers complete Sharepoint management, protection, and replication control. All the various modules can be managed via a browser-based interface and can be tailored to individual business requirements.

    2. CodePlex

    CodePlex is Microsoft’s free open source space for large projects. Among other things, the workspace can be used to develop and test SharePoint services. It also offers access to a SharePoint Migration Framework that gives access to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007, 201, and 2013 Import tools. While the code is open to all, according to the website, it still needs a substantial cleanup of the code base. There many different exporters/importers in the download space, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for SP 2013 as yet.

    3. Dell

    Eliminate the hazards of downtime and data loss with Migration Suite for SharePoint. This SharePoint migration tool allows you flawlessly transfer your whole SharePoint environment, as well as Windows files, Microsoft Exchange public folders and personal strings (Google Drive, home folders, My Sites, etc.), to Office 365 on-premises versions of SharePoint, OneDrive for Business or a hybrid environment.

    4. HarePoint

    HarePoint is a MAPILab Ltd trademark created in 1999 to develop email systems and landed in SharePoint in 2008. The SharePoint Workflow Migration product does what it says it does, offering companies the opportunity to move workflows from one SharePoint environment to another.
    The thought behind workflow migration is that workflows are the canvases on which businesses create their collaborative projects, project management, and business process management that are key to current business practices. It offers companies the possibility of migrating all these projects from one environment to another by providing workflow migration.

    5. Metalogix

    One of the most established product in the market is Metalogix ‘ Content Matix product, which is now available in version 6. Content Matrix is the natural advancement of the older Metalogix Migration Manager, which provides users with the opportunity to identify all their content efficiently, build new site structures and move content only when the user is ready.
    It was created with the novice in mind. It downloads in minutes— and connects directly to existing deployments of SharePoint without any server-side work required. There are also several SharePoint 2013 tools in the current version that allow automatic upgrades from early SharePoint editions to the 2013 version. It not only moves content but all metadata and other attributes associated with it.

    6. MetaVis Technologies

    Another household name in the world of SharePoint, MetaVis main product is its Migration Suite, which allows migration between SharePoint editions as well as file sharing content migration, or Google content using a single tool.
    The Migration Suite includes SharePoint File Manager, Google App Migrator, and SharePoint Migrator. By using the SharePoint API, enterprises don’t have to use IT to install server-side controls. It not only allows a large amount of content to be uploaded to SharePoint libraries in all editions, but it also allows a large number of files and folders to be uploaded to a SharePoint library.

    7. PCVITA

    Since 2007, PCVITA has been working online and offers several products for various types of migration and management scenarios such as email recovery and conversion tools or PDF management. However, its SharePoint migration tools are remarkable, with PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint, one of the core products.
    It’s impossible to go through the entire repertoire here, but one of the big pluses is that it can move content from any SharePoint version to any other SharePoint edition and keep all the attributes as it moves. With SharePoint 2013 beginning to gain traction, it’s SharePoint 2010 migration utility to SharePoint 2013 will be particularly beneficial as it provides status reports on migration progress and more.

    8. Proventeq

    Proventeq is a specialist in content migration that provides consulting services and technologies to companies seeking to transfer their data. It can transfer data from any content depository to any company cms and offers best practice recommendations based on what the company is looking for.
    It is not a professional SharePoint migration provider, but because of the part SharePoint now plays in the enterprise, it has spent a lot of time working with SharePoint 2010 and 2013, and Office 365. It can also transfer content from early SharePoint versions to the recent ones, as well as transfer content to SharePoint Record Center.
    Its latest release — Office 365 Migration Accelerator — offers a way of moving internally hosted applications like file shares and collaboration platforms to Office 365.

    9. Vyapin

    Finally, there is Vyapin, which works through the whole data management space and says it bridges the gaps among data management and knowledge management. Its migration product is DocKIT, which allows individuals to transfer content in network files, file shares, and local hard drives into SharePoint.
    DocKIT features include the capability to import documents into SharePoint libraries, the assignment, and management of metadata for documents to make sure they are traceable, and exportation of files and documents with full tag and metadata for easy management after export.
    You can discover other SharePoint tools in the market, but as far as we have been able to find out, these are the best ones to consider first. If you’ve got any other suggestions, please add them to the comments section below. Happy Migrating.

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