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Angular JS Development

AngularJS is yet another Java-based open-source coding framework that is maintained by Google along with a few individuals and corporations. These organizations tackle any challenges that appear while developing single-page applications. AngularJS doesn’t only simplify the development of applications but also eases the process of testing them. It allows Viftech Solutions to provide great solutions for its clients.


Technology Stack to Build Your AngularJS App

Viftech solution has a professional team of web development experts that create reliable code in various technologies by the needs of the client. We have served customers all across the world with add-ons, customizable solutions, fault tolerance, and support functions. Our expert developers efficiently use an open-source programming language such as Angular JS to develop a user interface that is highly dynamic, fully functional, and customizable.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. Our experts use the Angular JS framework at its best to develop the simplest possible web apps and testing processes
  2. Our team of experts is dedicated to explore and use all the latest features and technologies available in angular development such as HTML templates, two-way data formation, etc.; and various other testing tools and directives to ensure precise web app development
  3. Viftech Solutions provides web applications that are flowing with the best responsive features to meet your complex business need with optimum satisfaction levels


We have a well-organized angular development process which ensures timely delivery of your project with ultimate precision.



We always begin by undertaking a detailed research of your existing system and domains before diving directly into the core development process. This stage includes your domain analysis, data collection, and budget planning.

This stage includes;
  • Analysis of the data and material provided by the client
  • Technical evaluation of the client’s core business requirements.
  • Technological Prognosis.
  • Reference analysis.


We are very specific about the specifications provided by our valuable clients. This allows us to deliver your project within the set time and budgets constraints.

This step includes:
  • Wire-framing
  • Technological authentication.
  • Roadmap settings.


At Viftech, we keep on working on the blueprints, until you are delighted with the results.

This step includes:
  • Mockup design presentation (layout, font, color theme, sample logos etc.)
  • User experience testing.
  • Artwork validation
  • Prototyping/Modelling.


At this stage, we focus on getting task sequence and speed aligned by using specialized web development tools.

This step includes:
  • Database Structuring
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Coding
  • System Engineering


Our quality engineers are mavens in testing and inspecting every milestone before delivering it to the clients. We hand over software and applications to our clients only when they are fully functional.

This step includes:
  • Module Testing.
  • Framework Testing.
  • Integration testing
  • Testing of Adaptability & Acceptance.


At this stage, we hand over you the final and fully functional software and applications along with the leverage to test and run it on your system.

This stage includes:
  • Testing app/web in live environment.
  • Full and final testing/Deployment.
  • 7-day guarantee period


Viftech provides post-delivery technical maintenance and support services to our valuable clients. Whether it's one-time or monthly maintenance, our team of experts is always at your disposal.

This step includes:
  • Troubleshooting and system support
  • Servers and Module Maintenance.
  • Design, function and system update.

Why Choose Us?

  • Full Stack Developers

    Our experts understand the entire ecosystem of JavaScript and carry a great experience in working on various Angular projects

  • Utmost Client Satisfaction

    We have completed many projects with AngularJS Development services and received higher customer satisfaction

  • Maintenance & Support

    Quick maintenance and support is a part of our development procedure to make our custom AngularJS development solutions the best

  • Reliable Operations

    We focus on the details and provide superior technical services, support and assistance to ensure safe and secure operations to enhance productivity

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