Android for Enterprise: A dream or reality?

maaz uddin

Published on 19 Aug.

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    There is a new android device introduced in the market every other day. This rapid growth has made Android one of the most used operating system (OS) in smartphones all over the world. A recent study has reflected that 60% of the current mobile devices are android supported.  As this mind boggling figure suggests, there is a large demand of latest android devices in market.
    While meeting the demands of end users, Android has somehow overlooked the needs of an enterprise. Although the OS is loved by consumers, enterprises aren’t too thrilled with it.
    There are many versions of Android being thrown into the market with various new devices, each a better version of the successor, but still the platform has not totally evolving to the needs of an enterprise.
    When it comes to enterprise, the major challenges include security breaches, user management, being charged for roaming off the network, data consumption, data transfer, syncing options etc.
    IBM MaaS360 making Android compatible with Enterprise
    Good news is that now we have IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management platform which makes Android perfectly suitable for Enterprise.
    As the name suggests, IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an enterprise mobility management solution that ensures data security without comprising user experience.
    The Android devices lack user management options for enterprise. MDM platform provides the solution by enabling enterprises to manage their mobile endpoints.
    Modern android devices support 4G LTE, with the advent of this feature the data consumption and the subsequent charges have reached new heights. Now with MDM platform, you can set data limit and save yourself from getting ripped off by the network suppliers.
    Also, Android devices charge roaming cost on other networks. You can set limit to network usage and save thousands of bucks with MDM platform.
    Auto-syncing facility provided by certain android devices sets you off guard against any malicious invader in the enterprise. MDM platform provides options to control automatic syncing of sensitive data. It is applicable to other important resources on your Android devices like emails, documents and other data also.
    Until android 3.0, android devices didn’t have password-secured data transaction which made enterprises vulnerable to loss of valuable data at the cost of transaction. MDM platform has provided the solution to this problem with password-secured data transactions.
    Previously, Android devices allowed the consent before upgradation of apps and patches, which used to delay the process up to months. MDM platform allows you to instantly download all the updates on mobile devices.
    IBM MaaS360 MDM platform has given a new life to Android devices in an enterprise environment by fixing all the loopholes and providing extra protection of sensitive data.

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