Organizations must go beyond traditional patch-monitor-remediate processes and employ both continuous monitoring and layers of defense capable of working in concert with one another. IBM Advanced Threat Protection Platform helps protect against advanced threats by identifying and defending against known and unknown attacks by combining network security, worldwide threat intelligence and advanced security analytics.

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IBM Security Network ProtectionProvides core threat protection combined with high levels of visibility and control related to network use to help reduce risk and conserve bandwidth.
IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention SystemThe core of any Network Intrusion Prevention strategy, providing appliance-based protection against a wide range of attacks that target the network infrastructure.
IBM Endpoint ManagerEndpoint and security management combined into a single solution that enables visibility into and control of physical and virtual endpoints; rapid remediation, protection and reporting on endpoints in real time; and automation of time-intensive tasks across complex networks to help control costs while helping reduce risk and support compliance.
IBM Security AppScan (Enterprise, Source, Standard)The IBM Security AppScan portfolio delivers the expertise and critical application lifecycle management and security platform integrations necessary to empower enterprises to not just identify application vulnerabilities but also reduce overall application risk. It includes dynamic application security testing (DAST) and static application security testing (SAST).

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