The Eflow Management System is the only IT help desk management system you will ever need. The main objective of developing the Eflow management system is to manage the IT Help Desk System in the everyday IT Maintenance Tickets and Requests and to manage their assets data and reporting.
There are 3 main users of the Eflow management system. The first is the caller who is the author of tickets and request. Second is who accept and confirms the tickets and request. The third is the IT professional who acts as the receiver of tickets and requests to fulfill all the necessities of the organizations on the basis of tickets and request staffs produced.

On the other hand,

Admin Role is also created which will have the authority to manage all the backend processes of the IT Help Desk, assets Management System. Admin would have the right to manage the users which fetches from Active Directory. To manages the workflow hierarchies of the system and to generate reports.
An efficient IT helpdesk is a vital tool. When used properly, it can transform the way teams manage their daily tasks. Eflow will allow you to manage the IT help desk system in one of the most proficient and organized ways. Have a look at the key features of the IT help desk that are being considered in our Eflow management system.

1. Simplify the ticket management process and complains

Maintain your everyday tickets and complain requests effectively to resolve the issues immediately.

2. User-Friendly interface & Centered Design

A flexible environment for end-users to introduce their tickets and complains with convenience without any difficulties

3. Assist Your IT-Support Team

IT Help Desk Management System ensure that tickets and complaints produced through staffs are received to IT-Support team on time allowing them to answer back and resolve immediately.

Benefits Viftech Eflow Management System?
• Particular Application with Complete Functionalities of helpdesks
• maintain tickets and complains effectively
• Generation of Tickets and complains by easy steps
• Proper Classified Ticket Category
• manage Communication Records
• Genuine Tickets Reporting
• Dashboard & KPI’s which make sure user to keep an eye on each record
• Assets Management and reporting through details

Enable IT service desk in your organization with our Eflow management system. A smart choice to maintain IT tickets, data and service requests. Try now!!

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