6 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit for Payroll Services

maaz uddin

Published on 18 Sep.

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    Business employers are bound to fulfil thousands of roles every day. Although managing new challenges and staying busy is the real beauty of entrepreneurship; it can be overwhelming, especially when you are an expert in a certain area. The key to find the right balance is to keep discovering new area, specifically when a delegated task is on your way. According to the business experts, partnering with a third-party provider, commonly known as ‘Outsourcing’ is one of the best way to streamline your business operations and save time. A third-party provider can help solving your multiple problems with their specialized product or service. Owners of small business are surprised to find out the benefits that they can relish with product/service outsourcing. HR payroll system services are among the most sought after one, where small business often overlook the fact that there are operations are too small to realize the benefits of outsourced payroll services. However, in actual, it is one of the area where they usually working with a third-party provider offers more advantage, as compare to in-house operations.  Business owners who set up payroll in early stage of their operations enjoy its advantages while saving both their time and money in the long-run. Although the benefits of small business payroll services are countless; here we have listed 6 major reason that your small business must opt for payroll services.

    1. Payroll Services Facilitates Small Business Saving On Their Headcount

    Employees are the most important asset of any business. Whether small or large, every business invests open-heartedly in its people to retain them with the longest possible time, while enabling and empowering them with the best skills and career opportunities. However, hiring right people for the right position at the right time is crucial for a business’ success, but so is to meet your budget constraints. Fortunately, opting for the right payroll system can help small businesses efficiently paying their employees, while also automating the hectic human resources tasks.

    1. Payroll Services Helps Small Businesses Maintaining Compliance

    Partnering with a full-time payroll service provider like Viftech Solutions comes with countless benefit of working with the expert and experienced small business professionals. In your payroll service package, you will get all the resources and services that are critical to your business, including those you may not even think of. With offerings such as garnishment payment servicing, state unemployment insurance, employment poster compliance; they address all the necessary and complex requirements for your business.

    1. Payroll Services Efficiently Manage Small Businesses’ Recruitment Matters

    Along with compliance, recruitment is another area payroll services can support small businesses with. Its aspect of people management including software can support effectively recruiting the right staff. Recruitment is a multi-step process with comes with a lot of costs for even a single employee onboarding including job sourcing, job posting, application tracking, interviewing, background check etc. All these tasks are not cheap and often requires external assistance from the professional recruitment agencies. In fact, according to ‘The Entrepreneur’ can add up to additional $4,000 as a cost of hiring a new employee. Choosing to have an in-house payroll system, which will require to hire and pay to the employee as well, over a full-time payroll services provide which will cover all your additional costs and expertise required, is simply a no brainer.

    1. Payroll Service Providers Supervise HR Rules & Regulations

    We wish that no business faces the stress of time, cost and efforts associated with an HR blunder, but unfortunately a business is not fully immune to this. The best way to prepare and prevent such situations is to have on-hand resources, performance tracking and concise and clear handbook of HR rules and regulations. By partnering with a payroll service provider, you can also get complete HR support as a part of your payroll service package, which helps putting you in a better position while getting you covered in unforeseen situations. Support offerings most of the time include a live, professional HR team to resolve your concerns and queries.

    1. Payroll Providers Can Help Small Businesses Avoiding Tax & Payroll Penalties

    Taxes cannot be avoided by any business and risk of auditing are although low but expensive for small businesses. For IRS (Internal Revenue Service), it is usually common to penalize small businesses for minor tax errors. In fact, in 2016, IRS assessed about $2.1 million from the penalties made against small businesses. Small businesses usually think that they are clear in their operations when it comes to IRS. But if you are operating a corporate structure, there are a defined set of rules, regulations and tax structure that you need to follow, and deviating from the defined set of rule is considered a mix-up. As soon as your company has a single employee hired, you are obliged to pay income tax, medical tax and security tax to IRS in the form of federal income tax. Working with a payroll service provider can help you paying the correct tax amount at the right time, and prevent you from paying unnecessary taxes, fees and fines.

    1. Payroll Providers Can Help Small Businesses Avoiding Employee Deferral Penalties

    If you plan to offer retirement benefits to your employees, then there is additional potential of having errors related to employee payroll for which you need to more aware of. You are obliged to deposit salary deferrals of your employees to their accounts within 7 days of their payroll. Because depositing deferral late even by a single day is serious offense. Late deposits also mean that year end reconciliation and payments on the lost earnings.
    When you are commencing on a small business, it is advisable to partner with an expert payroll service provider to avoid all the hassles and potential errors related to employee payroll, while exploiting the best of its benefits. 

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