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5 Trends That Define Future of Android App Development

maaz uddin

Published on 04 Sep.

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    We live in times where almost everything that we do on our phones can be done on an app. Before apps were streamlined, every organization had to ensure that they had a website, whereas now it has become more important for them to have a mobile application first.
    Android application development has seen a rise in the recent years. With mobile applications being the number one thing that clients want these days, mobile developers have to become more vigilant in their services. Mobile applications make our life easier by simplifying even the most repetitive of tasks, however at the same time having too many applications in a mobile phone can also be much hassle. Do the future of Android mobile application seems very bright, it is possible that its future may very well be overpowered by AI powered applications, virtual assistants, and chatbots that will make our experiences on Android apps even better.
    This change seems rather inevitable at this point, because our world is moving towards storing data on the cloud rather than storing data in a file cabinet somewhere. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 top trends that may very well define the future of Android app development.

    Shopping and mWallet

    It has started to become quite tedious for people to buy things and carry the individual wallets to stores however, it is no longer mandatory. Thanks to digital wallets, such as Paytm, Amazon pay, and Google Play, you will now be able to shop from wherever you are and buy whatever you need from your mobile phones. With new inventions like these, the e-commerce market has seen rapid growth over the last couple of years, and there is expected growth even in the future. You may have heard of mobile apps such as Flipkart and Amazon that has now become the leading giants in the E-Commerce industry as they bring the shopping experience and the ability to pay through digital wallets to our mobile phones.

    Internet of Things

    Though it may seem like a very creepy idea, but the high tech devices that we use in our everyday lives have the ability to communicate with each other. This concept is referred to as the internet of things, it defines the relationship between all the devices that we use that can communicate with each other. As far as the future of our Android app development is concerned, applications and technology that can communicate with each other will be the future. If you are looking for examples of devices that can communicate with each other, example of the smart TV, air conditioner, and fridge. Most of these devices come with Android apps that can allow you to control them from the tip of your fingers.

    Office/Home Automation

    You can now install smart devices in your home and office spaces so that you can create a smart environment. Set up like this, daily tasks such as opening the door for your visitors, or controlling the very brightness of lights and fans in your home can now be controlled with the help of a single button on your Android app. Automation search is this, your home and work life will be simplified to the very extreme.

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Artificial intelligence is the new concept that is taking the world by a wave. According to a study conducted by the International Data Corporation, the artificial intelligence market is estimated to grow by 40 billion by the end of year 2020. This means that more and more sectors are starting to have their organization’s systems integrated with human intelligence along with machine learning.

    Wearable Apps

    Afton is seen in recent times, several medical sectors has started to utilize wearable apps on a day to day basis. These apps are responsible for gathering the information that includes getting vitals, heart rate, blood sugar levels, and other search variables in patients. Apart from the medical sector alone, there are several companies that are likely to make a move on technology such as this. You can gather this by the increase in demand for smartwatches in the market in 2019.
    It has become very clear that the year 2019 is going to say some major upgrade when it comes to Android app development. As a consumer, you should expect a rise in wearable and on-demand applications. Which particular trend are you excited about?

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