5 Surprising Benefits Resource Augmentation Has to Offer


Published on 24 Apr.

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    Resource augmentation is a kind of outsourcing undertaken by business companies when critical and large-scale projects require additional resource (both technical and human) for their completion. As a result, business firms augment their technical resources and staff to get their hands on the best of expertise, skill set and functionalities. Especially in thriving industries, like IT, projects are mainly of high volume and incessant, hence working with resource augmentation helps companies getting their work done with specialized resources and skills at relatively lower prices.

    There is a long list of benefits offered by resource augmentation, but in this blogpost we are going to talk about the five most significant ones. Being a cost-effective strategy, resource augmentation predominantly focuses at increased scalability for a business. Additionally, it does not require companies to make any compromise on their talent or quality of professionals that they want to hire for a certain period of time. For some companies, the advantages of resource augmentation are evident, whereas for some they are concealed.

    1. You Save On Your Project & Overall Cost

    Investing on long-term and full-time resource and staff only for a certain project costs you much higher in terms of time, money and effort, because things gets to become pricy if the demand is for shorter span of time. However, companies always have the option to augment their resources by getting specialized, skilled people and resources to work on their projects for short term. This helps in saving costs by avoiding overhead expenses, staff salaries, and operational and handling costs that a company usually needs to pay when they hire a resource for full-time. Resource augmentation allows companies to immediately get their hands on specialized resources without making any compromise on quality and talent.

    1. You Get Increased Control

    Employees with specialized skills and companies with specialized technical resources wants to earn optimal while being invested for shorter period of time. In simple words, they want to make the most of their proficiencies in the shortest time possible. Employees with specialized skills keep hunting for the opportunities where they need to work for limited hours, but they get handsome amount of money against their services. Likewise, companies with specialized technical resources impart their technical efficiency to other small firms that have limited resources and want to augment them. This also allows companies to get precise access and control on the set of skills and technical functionalities that they need.

    1. It Is Obviously Better Than Complete Outsourcing

    Resources augmentation is an extended and better type of outsourcing, which allow companies to access to specialized skills and functionalities with greater control and lower costs. With resource augmentation companies also get the chance to monitor the progress and efficiency of their temporary hired resource, because they mostly work alongside the existent full-time resources of the companies and serve as an extension. Resource augmentation is considered to be better than outsourcing as it eliminates the major drawback of outsourcing i.e. to completely outsource task to external teams while having no control and monitoring of their progress. Resource augmentation also allows business firms to maintain their confidentiality while also allowing t hem to provide real-time feedback and input to the project.

    1. It Allows Faster Scalability

    Resource augmentation allows companies to scale their workforce and processes in the most effective way possible. Getting their hands on the best of technical stack and talent, while cutting down on their cost, allow business firms to attain better scalability faster than if they invest in full-time resources for the longer period of time. In some industries, the workload and the project demands are ever-changing. Temporary engagement of resources is the perfect solutions to manage forthcoming and ongoing project demand as per their unique requirements. This simply means that resource augmentation makes companies more flexible and capable of taking businesses without sacrificing the quality of their other projects and their full-time resources.

    1. It Earns Your Fresh Objectives

    An outsider’s objective and perspective can be very useful and fresh for the company and ongoing projects at times. Fresh idea can open better options of improvement for practice and projects that full-time may oversee due to monotonous work routine and too much engrossment in their jobs. Ideas from an outside source may result in increased productivity.

    Adding to this note, every firm, every office and every workplace is unique and different from each other. Hence the benefits offered by resource augmentation and their impact on every business is also unique and different. So if you want a cost-effective and convenient way for your forthcoming project, then hiring specialized resources through resource augmentation for short-term is the best way to go.

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